Philip Makara

Financial Solutions for the Gig Economy

In 2017, I worked with my FinTech client to create product concepts for independent workers to help them manage and grow their business of one. One such concept is Pay Me Now, which was created to give freelancers an advance on their client payments.


The Challenge

The number of independent workers is on the rise:

  • 20-50% freelance workers are expected in the workforce by 2020

  • 72% do it by choice, not necessity

  • $1T is expected in earnings per year

  • Over $100 billion a week is frozen in the US—money earned but unpaid

  • Higher demand for freelance work

My Role

As Lead UX Designer:

  • Performed competitive research and analysis

  • Sketched and white boarded user flows and screens

  • Mobile-first lo- and hi-fi designs in Sketch

  • Observed remote user research sessions of prototype

  • Adapted the mobile design to desktop

  • Designed flow for a marketing landing page and prototype to validate concepts

My collaborators included: creative director, junior UX designer, copywriter, engineer, product owner, and producer.

Mobile Wireframe Flow

Mobile Wireframe Flow

This is an example of an early wireframe flow showing the experience for a user selecting an invoice and how much funds to access from it.

Desktop Medium Fidelity Dashboard

Desktop Medium Fidelity Dashboard

After completing the mobile designs, I designed a desktop version, including this dashboard, which was used in a marketing test concept site.

Concept Test Site Flow & Prototype

Concept Test Site Flow & Prototype

This and the subsequent wireframes show part of the UX flow that we used to test this concept through a Wordpress prototype. This was a low-cost way to validate the concept and get feedback from customers without spending a lot of time and money to code a full experience.